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Severe blizzard hits Russia, causes major disruptions in Moscow

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Russia experienced a significant meteorological event on Friday, with blizzards sweeping across vast regions, including Moscow. This natural occurrence brought with it one of the heaviest snowfalls in recent decades, creating a challenging situation on the roads and in daily life. A cyclone was responsible for more than a day of continuous blizzards in the Russian capital, potentially marking it as one of the most severe snow storms Moscow has seen in 60 years. Meteorologists, as reported by Reuters, highlighted the unprecedented nature of this weather event.

Severe blizzard hits Russia, causes major disruptions in Moscow

In Moscow, the snowfall was extraordinary, with more than one-fifth of the average December snowfall recorded in just 24 hours at various meteorological stations. The Gismeteo weather website projected that total December snowfall in Moscow could reach 50 cm, setting a record for the month. The city was blanketed in snow, leading to significant difficulties for motorists, especially in freeing their vehicles from parking spaces. The blizzard’s impact extended to traffic and education. A vast 10-kilometer traffic jam formed on the M4, a major Russian road, trapping motorists in freezing conditions.

This chaos led to schools in some regions of European Russia closing, as reported by Russian television. The Kommersant newspaper reported that the cost of car excavation services in Moscow soared, with prices reaching around 5,000 roubles ($55). This price hike reflects the demand for such services in the face of the severe weather conditions. This blizzard stands as a significant meteorological event, disrupting daily life and transportation in Russia, particularly in Moscow. Its intensity and impact are reminiscent of historical weather events, marking it as a notable occurrence in Russia’s recent climatic history.

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