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Meta and Ray-Ban unveil advanced smart glasses

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The newly introduced Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, a collaborative creation of Meta Platforms, Inc. and EssilorLuxottica, represent a significant advancement in wearable technology. Launched during the annual Meta Connect event, these glasses are not just a step forward in smart eyewear but also a blend of style and cutting-edge technology. One of the standout features of these smart glasses is the integration of Meta AI.

Meta and Ray-Ban unveil advanced smart glasses

This advanced conversational assistant can be activated with a simple voice prompt, “Hey Meta,” allowing users to dive into a world of creativity and control features hands-free. Initially, Meta AI features will be exclusive to the U.S. market. The glasses also boast enhanced audio and camera capabilities. The leap from a 5 MP to an ultrawide 12 MP camera is a game-changer, enabling users to capture high-quality photos and immersive 1080p videos in portrait orientation. The discreet open-ear speakers are improved with increased bass response and noise suppression, enhancing the overall audio experience.

The design incorporates five built-in microphones to facilitate seamless switching between music and calls, without losing awareness of the ambient environment. A significant emphasis has been placed on privacy as well, with the privacy LED light being made bigger and more noticeable. This feature underscores the commitment to privacy while using the glasses. In terms of design and aesthetics, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses collection offers 21 styles, colors, and lens variations, including the iconic Wayfarer and Wayfarer Large frames, and a new design called Headliner.

Meta and Ray-Ban unveil advanced smart glasses

These glasses come with high-performance lenses available in a range of options including prescription, sun, clear, polarized, or Transitions lenses. The collection allows for extensive customization through the Ray-Ban “Remix” feature, offering over 130 color and style combinations. The glasses are priced starting at $299 and come with a classic, compact charging case. The collection is complemented by the Meta View app (available for iOS and Android), which offers a seamless way to import content, share with friends, or manage multiple glasses.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are set to be available for purchase on October 17th at Ray-Ban stores, Ray-Ban onlineMeta website, and select EssilorLuxottica retail stores. They will also be available through the company’s wholesale distribution network in several countries including the US, UK, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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