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La Cumbre volcano activates in Galapagos archipelago

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Ecuador’s La Cumbre volcano, situated within the famed Galapagos archipelago, has commenced its eruption, as confirmed by the government of Ecuador on Sunday. The Environment Ministry, as reported by Reuters, affirmed that there is currently no immediate threat posed by the eruption, given that the volcano resides on an uninhabited island. “Gas emissions and thermal anomalies have been identified through satellite systems,” stated the ministry in a released statement, underscoring their ongoing surveillance of the volcano. Importantly, they reassured that the eruption would not disrupt tourism to the Galapagos islands.

La Cumbre volcano activates in Galapagos archipelago

La Cumbre, stationed on Fernandina Island, stands among several active volcanoes dotting the Galapagos landscape, located nearly 1,000 km (600 miles) from the Ecuadorian mainland. Images captured from a distance and shared across social media platforms depicted the mesmerizing sight of lava coursing through the darkness before dawn on Sunday. This event marks the first eruption of La Cumbre since 2020, following a series of years marked by volcanic activity. Authorities speculate that this eruption may surpass its predecessors in magnitude.

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