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Flydubai suspends departures due to UAE weather crisis

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Severe weather conditions sweeping across the United Arab Emirates have prompted flydubai to halt all departing flights from Dubai International Airport (DXB), a company spokesperson said on Tuesday. The disruption, attributed to adverse weather, has led to the cancellation or significant delays of numerous flydubai flights, with forecasts indicating that the severe conditions are likely to persist into the following day.

Flydubai suspends departures due to UAE weather crisis

Effective immediately until 10:00 local time on April 17, all flydubai departures from Dubai slated for the evening of April 16 have been suspended. During this temporary suspension period, passengers whose final destination is not Dubai will not be permitted to travel. The airline spokesperson emphasized that continuous monitoring of the weather situation will guide the resumption of operations, with priority given to restoring normalcy and accommodating inbound flights from various destinations.

Passengers affected by the flight cancellations will be provided full refunds, with the flydubai Customer Service teams diligently working to minimize disruptions to travel schedules. “Our commitment to ensuring the safety of our passengers and crew remains unwavering, and we extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by the adverse weather conditions,” the spokesperson added.

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