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Clinical Outcomes Solutions & BioSpark AI Technologies Inc. Launch Innovative COA-AI Software

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New AI-Driven Platform to Transform Clinical Outcomes Assessment: COA-AI Software Merges AI Efficiency with Researcher Expertise

TUCSON, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2023 / Clinical Outcomes Solutions (COS), a leading clinical research consulting group, in collaboration with BioSpark AI Technologies Inc., today announced the launch of COA-AI, a pioneering software company aimed at revolutionizing Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Clinical Outcomes Solutions
Clinical Outcomes Solutions

COA-AI emerges as a groundbreaking tool in the development of conceptual models, identification of outcome measures, conduction of measurement gap analyses, and synthesis of published COA evidence, marking a significant milestone in the field of clinical outcomes research.

Stacie Hudgens, CEO of Clinical Outcomes Solutions, emphasized the importance of the launch, stating, “The launch of this software is quite timely for the field of COA as it ensures that we can provide accurate and timely COA desk research to support life science companies with a patient-focused strategy for their clinical development programs. This software will allow for the synthesis and presentation of published information in an expedited manner while retaining the touch of an experienced researcher.”

Kristian Thorlund, CEO of BioSpark AI Technologies Inc., highlighted the transformative potential of the software: “Large language models have taken the world by storm, Clinical Outcomes Assessment is next. The COA-AI software is a perfect fusion of human touch and AI innovation. The software’s AI models replicate key components of the robust workflow and research infrastructure that the team at Clinical Outcomes Solutions has spent so many years perfecting. It is almost perplexing to think about how much time this will save COA researchers in the future.”

Tara Symonds, CSO of Clinical Outcomes Solutions, sheds light on the practical impact of COA-AI: “This new COA-AI system, designed to bring together the use of AI and researcher insight, will help expedite our ability to quickly develop robust conceptual models to enable dialogue with clients about their COA endpoint strategy, and then based on this, help quickly decide on best COA measures. This will provide clients, often time-constrained, with a rapid solution to deciding which COA measures to include in forthcoming clinical trials.”

The partnership between Clinical Outcomes Solutions and BioSpark AI Technologies Inc. reflects a shared commitment to enhancing patient care through technological advancements. COA-AI is set to redefine the landscape of clinical outcomes research, promising efficiency and precision in a field where time and accuracy are of the essence.

For more information about COA-AI and its impact on clinical outcomes research, please contact Clinical Outcomes Solutions at info@clinoutsolutions.com

About Clinical Outcomes Solutions:
Established in 2013, Clinical Outcomes Solutions is a leader in the field of COA, offering comprehensive services, strategies, and solutions across all facets of clinical outcomes research to assist with data-driven decisions for informing patient care. For more information about Clinical Outcome Solutions, visit www.clinoutsolutions.com.

About BioSpark AI Technologies Inc.:
Founded in 2022, BioSpark is a rapidly growing artificial intelligence (AI) start-up on a mission to dramatically accelerate the speed of delivery of high-quality medical research. Powered by proprietary technologies to streamline and minimize the need for manual curation, BioSpark is able to deliver high-quality, complete longitudinal COA data at unparalleled speeds. For more information, visit www.biospark.ai

Contact Information

Stacie Hudgens
Chief Executive Officer
(520) 325-9510

Sean Forrest
Senior Marketing Manager
(847) 530-8152

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Clinical Outcomes Solutions
Clinical Outcomes Solutions
BioSpark AI Technologies Inc.
BioSpark AI Technologies Inc.

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