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Bose and Kith collaborate for stylish audio innovation

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In a groundbreaking fusion of premium sound and high fashion, Bose and Kith unveil the exclusive Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. This novel collaboration, launching on January 22nd for $300, heralds a new era in wearable audio fashion. Melding Bose’s audio excellence with Kith’s fashion-forward ethos, these limited-edition earbuds offer a unique balance of uninterrupted music enjoyment and environmental awareness.

Bose and Kith collaborate for stylish audio innovation

Ronnie Fieg, Kith’s Founder, CEO, and Creative Director, extols the partnership with Bose, highlighting the unparalleled sound quality of the Ultra Open Earbuds. Similarly, Bose’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Mollica, emphasizes the significance of this fashion-brand collaboration, aiming to cater to both music aficionados and style connoisseurs without compromising on sound or style.

The innovative design of the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds sets a new standard in audio wearables. Sporting a cuff-shaped design with a sleek matte black finish, these earbuds seamlessly blend with personal style, complementing accessories like glasses and jewelry. The unique design ensures all-day comfort, allowing users to experience immersive audio without sacrificing environmental awareness.

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