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BioGX Candida Auris PCR Assay Global Adoption Accelerates

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BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2023 / BioGX, a global provider of easy molecular diagnostic solutions, announced accelerated adoption of their high performance Sample-Ready™ PCR assay* for detection of Candida auris, a rapidly spreading, hard to treat fungus with a growing presence in hospitals and long-term care facilities. A complete PCR mix is provided in a single lyophilized tube format to be validated by laboratories on a variety of real-time PCR instruments including the BD MAX, ThermoFisher QuantStudio, BioRAD CFX Touch and the new BioGX pixl™ platform.

“Our platform agnostic Candida auris PCR assay has been successfully validated and implemented by numerous public health laboratories and hospitals,” said Shahin Iqbal, PhD, BioGX President & COO.” He further added, “We are grateful that laboratories trust us to address their unmet needs for detection of emerging pathogens.”

Dr. Margie Morgan, Director, Clinical Microbiology Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Cedars Sinai Hospital in California said “the BioGX Candida auris PCR assay provides a rapid and sensitive method to perform surveillance testing for our patient population. The real time results have been used by our Epidemiology team to institute timely isolation precautions to successfully prevent C. auris transmission in our medical center.”

BioGX’s Sample-Ready™ line of products offer custom manufactured or Research Use Only PCR assays, lyophilized in a single vial and fine-tuned to ensure high performance across multiple platforms that are commonly used in laboratories today.

Additional information can be requested by contacting BioGX at info@biogx.com.

*Research Use Only, Not intended for human or animal diagnostic use.

Sample-Ready, Just Add Water, Xfree and pixl are trademarks of BioGX, Inc.

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