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Beijing hit by heavy snowfall, city braces for subzero week ahead

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Authorities in Beijing took decisive action on Wednesday as heavier-than-expected snowfall blanketed the Chinese capital, leading to the closure of several highways. The occurrence is part of a widespread cold spell engulfing various regions across the country this week. With freezing rain and snow anticipated to persist until Monday, officials ramped up public transportation arrangements in Beijing, a megacity housing nearly 22 million inhabitants.

Beijing hit by heavy snowfall, city braces for subzero week ahead

State broadcaster CCTV reported the closure of eight highways in response to the adverse weather conditions. While urban areas witnessed a cessation of snowfall, mountainous regions continued to be enveloped in heavy snow, according to reports by Reuters. This juxtaposition highlights the varied impact of the ongoing cold spell across different terrains.

Tuesday evening witnessed a longer and more intense snowfall than initially forecasted. An official from the observatory attributed this deviation to the convergence of humid air currents from the south with a slow-moving cold mass of air advancing eastward, as reported by the Beijing Daily newspaper. In response to the challenging weather conditions, some employers in Beijing provided flexible work hour arrangements.

This initiative allowed residents like Li Qiuhao to seize the opportunity to appreciate the picturesque scenery amidst the snow-covered landscape. Amid the snowfall, nearly 200 road sections across the nation were forced to close, as per CCTV reports. This widespread disruption underscores the magnitude of the adverse weather’s impact on transportation infrastructure.

The forecast by the National Meteorological Center for subzero temperatures in numerous areas over the upcoming week not only serves as a weather advisory but also signals the onset of a prolonged period of cold weather. This prolonged cold spell demands heightened vigilance and preparedness among the populace, as the harsh conditions pose significant challenges to daily life, infrastructure, and overall well-being.

Residents are urged to take necessary precautions to safeguard themselves against the cold, including dressing warmly, ensuring adequate heating in homes, and avoiding unnecessary outdoor exposure. Additionally, authorities and emergency services are advised to remain on high alert and ready to respond swiftly to any weather-related emergencies or incidents.

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